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New Hangers! You Spoke, We Listened!

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CD One Price Cleaners Has New Hangers

Sometimes it’s the small things in life that make the biggest difference. You might not even realize you love it until it’s gone… That is what we have uncovered about our new hangers and our customers just can’t seem to get enough of them!

We were getting lots of customers mentioning issues they were having with the hangers we were using, so we took their comments as a challenge and we found the ideal replacement! And now…. our customers just can’t stop talking about them. In fact, we hear on a regular basis how much they love the change and how something so simple has affected their day-to-day lives for the positive!

The winner of our hanger dilemma became clear after much investigation, when we came across M&B Hangers and discovered they had a hanger that fixed the challenges we were facing, we had a strong hunch our customers were going to fall in love.

The goal of the new hangers would be to have something that wouldn’t have loose cardboard that fell to the ground every time you removed an article of clothing from the hanger and a hanger where clothes would not easily slip off. We found a hanger that would accomplished both goals.

M&B Hangers is a fourth-generation American company that has a strong passion for what they do. They strive to be the best and have the best products out there. They pride themselves on the integrity of their work, which in return brings integrity to every one of our hangers.

The good news doesn’t stop there – The wire they use is all made from recycled steel and comes from mills that pride themselves on utilizing the most up-to-date environmental processes. The hangers are then sealed with a time-tested PPG electro-decomposition, water based paint system. They don’t fall short when it comes to shipping either! The boxes they use are made from recycled materials and they use as much recycled paper as possible with their tubes and capes. All the hangers are made in North America too! M&B Hangers shares the same passion as CD One when it comes to the environment, which is another reason why they were such a good fit.

So, you spoke and we listened. We value our customers and their thoughts and feelings towards everything that we do. The old hangers were just not making the cut, so we found the option that would improve their experience.

If you have an idea that you think would make your experience with us even more enjoyable, we want to hear from you – Let us know.


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