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We're dedicated to cleaning your items quickly, affordably, and done right every time.


Always get what to expect with CD One®.

Any dry clean garment, one low price.

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Always fast turnaround at no extra charge.

Decades of garment care experience.

We've cleaned garments for decades and we know the best way to attack every spot, stain, and blemish on a garment. Trust experience when choosing your next cleaning service provider and don't leave the decision to chance.


Quality proven through repeated results.

  • 6 points of inspection
  • 100 garments cleaned per hour
  • Numerous awards
  • 1 stop shop
  • 1,000’s of 5 star reviews
  • Decades of experience

Our Process


It starts with friendly customer service

Have questions about our service, have a special request, or just want to say "Hi?" Our friendly, knowledgeable associates are happy to help you with your garment care needs. Each CD One Price location is locally owned and operated. That means you get state-of-the-art cleaning and expertise with a local business feel.


Inventory and Inspection

We inventory, tag, and inspect your orders to make sure they get the proper care. From checking the pockets on your favorite suit to pre-spotting stains, we make sure that your items get the individual attention they deserve. And if for some reason we're not 100% sure we can process your items safely, we'll let you know so that you're not surprised.



All items are sorted to ensure proper cleaning. Whether sorting by garment type, garment color, or cleaning process, we make sure that your items get the care they need to come back to you clean and looking great.


Pressing and Finishing

Our team uses best-in-class equipment to expertly press your items based on what is going to make each unique piece look its best.


Spotting and Stain Removal

At any point during our process, team members are watching for spots or areas requiring special attention. Garments that need a little extra help will be moved to the spotting station for stain removal by our specially trained production staff.



Once all the cleaning, pressing, and stain removal are complete, an inspector gives each individual garment a final check before sending it along for order assembly and bagging. Each garment goes through a standard inspection process to check the garment-specific problem areas to make sure all the tricky areas are taken care of.


Assembly and Bagging

Each individual item is reviewed as part of our final inventory check as orders are assembled and sent to bagging. Once we know that every garment in your order is accounted for, we will bag your items to keep them safe until you can pick them up.


Convenient pickup

We keep track of all completed orders in our system and send an e-mail alert when your items are ready. We'll do a final check of all your items when you pick up--and we'll even carry your order to your vehicle if you'd like.

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Sticking to our core values makes us strong.

We’re relationship builders We’re relationship builders
We view opportunities and issues through the eyes of our customers in a non-judgmental, respectful, caring, positive, honest, truthful, and transparent way and are responsive in our interaction with others.
We believe in continuous improvement We believe in continuous improvement
We are constantly challenging the status quo with creative curiosity and high standards. We are never satisfied and always willingness to learn. We’re easy to work with, competent, knowledgeable, challenge others, and move forward together.
We take ownership We take ownership
We share a sense of commitment and passion to our responsibilities, follows through, and are accountable for the results. We’re team players, always do the right thing, and have our customers backs.
We make informed decisions We make informed decisions
We make decisions based on data and problem solve around root cause consideration leading to more productive problem solving and objective decision making, made in a timely manner.
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Our commitment to clean extends beyond just clothing.

We are striving to become greener every day. With initiatives from hanger recycling to getting our locations Green Cleaner certified, we’re committed to making the world a better place.

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Serving our communities through giving back

We understand that our locations are intrinsically tied to the communities that they are located within. Our company and its locations strive to give back to push our communities forward, as we move forward.

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I wish I had been introduced to CD One Price Cleaners earlier.

As one of the newest CD One Price Cleaners franchise owners, I received training and support and acquired an existing CD One Price Cleaners store early in 2023. I have owned other franchise businesses in the past, so I believe in the franchise model. I am very happy with the CD One business model and the support I have received so far. I have already signed a lease for a new satellite store which will open in 2024. I wish I had been introduced to CD One Price Cleaners earlier, I could have opened more stores.

Asad Amad - Morton Grove, IL

Working for CD One has given me the stability my family needs.

I love working at CD One. All of the people I work with are fantastic and I really enjoy the way the company takes care of me.

Rachel - Dry Cleaning Specialist


Lean on our experience to get the best know-how on all things garment care.

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