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CD One Price Cleaners for Business

CD One For Business

We're here to help your business keep moving forward. Let us help you continue to look sharp and professional.


We're in the business of helping businesses.

Your company can look great without breaking the bank with cleaning services from CD One. We’re here to handle your cleaning needs at a fraction of the price of other cleaning services. Focus on your business, we’ll handle the cleaning.

No contract required
Affordable business pricing
Pickup & Delivery available

Leave your customers with a great impression.

CD One cleans a wide variety of items that businesses like yours use every day. Let us help you keep your business look fresh, sharp, and professional with our dry cleaning and laundry services available at our retail locations or for pickup and delivery.

Sheets and Cleaning Towels

Aprons and Smocks

Napkins and Tablecloths

Staff Uniforms

Office Attire

Apartment and Condo Laundry

Start getting your items picked up, cleaned, and delivered back to your business.

We service many different types of businesses based on their individual needs.

  • Restaurants and Bars
    We can handle your bar towels, aprons, tablecloths, and uniforms. Don’t overpay for services you don’t need, CD One can clean your items quickly and affordably.
  • Light Medical and Dental Facilities
    The volume of laundry can put a strain on staff members. Rely on CD One to help make sure you always have a supply of fresh, clean linens and scrubs.
  • Salons, Barbershops, and Spas
    Towels and aprons are an essential part of keeping a safe, clean, and hygienic environment, and we’ll make sure you always have clean ones on deck.
  • Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Facilities
    Stop doing so much laundry every day and go with the pros as CD One. You will save water, time, energy, and money. Just leave it to us.
  • Hotels and Vacation Rentals
    Make sure your guests always have spotless sheets, towels, robes, linens, etc. Improperly cleaned laundry will leave a bad impression and bad reviews.
  • Apartment and Condo Buildings
    Stop sharing washing machines and dealing with laundry schedules. We’ll take care of your laundry so that you can get back to doing the things you enjoy.
  • Corporate Offices / Complexes
    Let us make your employees’ jobs easier. CD One will pick up and deliver at your office building or complex. Allow your workers to focus on what matters.


You focus on the business, we’ll focus on the cleaning.

  • Affordable and fast cleaning services
  • Office pickup and delivery for convenience
  • Returned freshly cleaned and ready to wear
  • Automatic billing for uninterrupted service

Hassle free cleaning, fast.

Get back to running your business and let us handle the laundry. With CD One Dry Clean Delivery, you don't need to take time out of your day to clean the things that help keep your business running smoothly.

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Building Laundry

Offer great cleaning services to your tenants by choosing CD One for your building’s laundry and dry cleaning needs. We offer competitive pricing, and the convenience of pickup and delivery services to help your residents feel right at home.

Employee Laundry

Keep your employees looking sharp and fresh with our dry cleaning and laundry services. Your workers are the face of your business, and having them look professional, clean, and ready to go leaves a great impression upon your customers and clients.

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Get started with CD One Dry Clean Delivery service for your business and save!

I use the wash and fold to help keep up with laundry from my massage business.

Everything is always clean, ready on time/early, and all the staff working are kind and helpful!

Heather - Downers Grove, IL

Delivery is very convenient and accurate. I have never received an incorrect garment or lost one.

The delivery folks show up at my workplace like clockwork and bring everything back the next day.

James - Countryside, IL


Let’s work together to keep your business looking clean and professional.

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