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Why Dry Clean Compared To Machine Clean?

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Dry cleaning and machine wash are both a stain removing process designed to clean and desoil your garments. The traditional cleaning method, machine wash, is a water-based cleaning process. Typically this process uses a combination of detergent and fabric softener while utilizing a washer and dryer- typically in-house. Dry cleaning, as the name suggest, is a washing process without water use; however, this in-depth process cleans your garments just as effectively.

Dry Cleaning Process

The dry cleaning process dates back to 1821, dry cleaning does not use water- instead a liquid solvent. Your items are placed in a sealed dry cleaning machine where the solvent is pumped into the gentle rotation of the basket. After the liquid solvent has been inserted, the machine rapidly rotates to remove and capture the solvent. The item is now cleaned- wet from industrial solvents- not water. Lastly, the clothes are dried as warm air circulates the machine.

Advantage Of Dry Clean

As this gentle process avoids the use of water, it has several distinct advantages compared to the common machine wash.

  1. Delicate Process – Dry cleaning has a soft wash process compared to machine wash. The mild rotation of the drum in the machine and use of liquid solvent help protect and clean the garment delicately.
  2. Preserve Clothes – Since solvents are being used it can actually help maintain the “new” appearance of your clothing. Dry cleaning rarely causes shrinking or fading on fabrics.
  3. Deep Clean – Dry cleaning has the ability to remove the toughest stains such as oil and grease that the traditional machine wash method would find it impossible to accomplish.
  4. Detailed Appearance – The traditional machine wash leaves your clothes wrinkly, but your dry cleaned clothes are returned to you crisp, fresh, and clean.

Dry cleaning and machine clean are both a stain removing process; however, dry cleaning has plenty of advantages when it comes to maintaining clothes and cleanliness. The dry cleaning process is the way to go if you’re looking for a in-depth clean, preserving clothes to last longer, and a like “new” appearance after each cycle.

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