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Home delivery services have been making our lives easier for quite a while now, even though many people may not realize it has been around for that long. In fact, when presented with the concept of home delivery, a large majority of respondents can only think of pizza delivery as the primary delivery service available.

While pizza is a tasty home delivery service we’re thankful to have, it’s far from the only one. What started long ago (we’re talking centuries ago!) with fresh milk deliveries to our homes has evolved into an everyday way of life. And while home delivery services are frequently associated with food, they have moved way beyond the kitchen.

With today’s ease of access to transportation and technology, home delivery services are available to bring you nearly anything you could want. In fact, if you’re living in heavier populated areas, like here in Chicago where home delivery typically flourishes, you can likely run your entire life from your home using it.

While we don’t necessarily recommend going to that extreme, we see the real value in offering home delivery services. For anyone with a busy lifestyle, these services are a great way to help you achieve a healthy work/life balance. You can use them to delivery healthy meals, pickup your dirty laundry and deliver your clean laundry, and even do the necessity shopping (things like toilet paper, tooth paste, stuff that you use every day).

This is the convenience of home delivery services. They help us with the daily tasks we need to do as adults, so we can put our focus where we want it most.

Life is much more than these mundane tasks, but when we have to run out to pick up the toilet paper or stop in the middle of our day to make dinner or do the laundry, it can sometimes feel like these tasks become overwhelming. Worse yet, it often feels like these daily to-do’s steal our time from the more precious moments in life that we can’t put a price on or even get back, like moments with family and friends and learning and experiencing new things in life. It may sound extreme, but we’re all guilty of letting our priorities get skewed every now and then.

Instead of spending your money on transportation costs, finding a parking spot, waiting in long store lines, and dealing with a crowd, fill your time with something-anything-you want! Those who truly appreciate time know the value of even one hour. It’s amazing how much time we spend on tasks during one lifetime. An article published in the NEAchieve monthly e-newsletter approximates 1 hour per week saved using grocery home delivery services. That’s 52 hours a year.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, shows a breakdown of the time the average man and woman spend per day on household activities. Tasks like interior and exterior maintenance and cleaning, laundry, and preparing food add up to over 1 hour daily for men and over 2 hours daily for women. What could you do with that extra time?

It comes down to determining what the value of your time is. If you’re squeezing in every last second of the day to do these things, is it worth it to you? Would you rather be doing something else? If your answer is yes, take yourself seriously. There really are solutions to this these days and you don’t have to just “suck it up” if it’s truly not worth it to you. Time is precious, and that will never change.

So before you brush off home delivery services thinking they aren’t for you, give one or two a try and find something else to do with that time saved. You just might find yourself loving them!

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