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How to Make Your Laundry Room Functional and Fun

Laundry Room Functional | functional laundry room ideas | functional laundry room designs

Laundry Room Organization

When you think of your laundry room, do you think of a peaceful, functional space that you want to be in? Or are you bombarded with thoughts of a dirty, dark, and disorganized mess?

Granted, many of us might not love doing our laundry…or even like it. At CD One, we’d love to take that load off of your shoulders (pun intended), but we know that most of you will still continue to use that laundry room of yours periodically, if not regularly.

So how can you make that dreaded space a happy place? We have some simple ways-and a few that may require a bit more work- to turn your laundry room into a performance-driven haven. So let’s put the fun in functional!

Create A Command Center

Even if you make your laundry room into your favorite room in the house, you are still in there to do a job- the laundry. Setting up a command center from which you can easily access all of your laundering odds and ends will help you work efficiently. Put together a list of all the items you use while doing laundry; detergent, softeners, bleach, dryer sheets, clothes pins, etc. Decide on a location to store these items that are within easy reach of your washer and dryer, maybe a cabinet or shelf nearby. You can even buy a portable cart or tiered rack to wheel around when you need it. If you have the room, having some sort of worktop can really come in handy for sorting, folding, ironing, etc. If you’re working with a small space, do you have room for a latched fold-down worktop? All you need is one extra wall to add a small fold-down surface; even the back of a door can be used! Get creative with the space that you have. Small rooms can be just as well-used and efficient as large ones.

Speaking Of Cabinets And Shelves…

Proper storage in any space makes life better. Whether you have a large or small laundry room, there are options designed to suite your needs. A lot of older basement laundry rooms have full sets of cabinets in them. They may be outdated, but think of how a fresh coat of paint would look on them! If you are tight on room, consider adding wall shelves to maximize storage space-and if you have a front loading washer/dryer, you can add a shelf right over the top of them!

We find that organization inside of storage makes the big difference. Things can get disorganized in cabinets and on shelves too. Try grouping like items into baskets, bins, etc. to store. For example, if you use a shelf as your storage space, try combining all of your pre-wash products into one basket, your drying products into another. There are so many creative ways to display the ordinary everyday objects in our lives. Find some neat baskets, jars, boxes, etc. that speak to your style and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Refresh The Space

There are several fast and affordable ways to easily refresh a space. A new coat of paint on the walls is going to make a dramatic difference, especially if you have a laundry room in the basement or other low-lit space. Decide on a color that will brighten the space, yet still make you cozy. And don’t just restrict yourself to paint for the walls. More and more people are putting up wallpaper in fun patterns or designs in laundry rooms to help personalize the space. Adding artwork is another great and easy way to change things from drab to fab in a matter of minutes. Think of adding things that inspire you or keep you motivated.

Light It Up

Good lighting can improve any space. It can also help instill a particular mood. Do you like bright, white lights? Or maybe you prefer soft, cozy lamp lights. Whichever is your preference, switch out the lighting to make it feel comfortable. Some people even add unique little chandeliers to add whimsy to an otherwise serious task room.

It’s The Little Things…

What do you really want to make this mundane task more pleasant for you? Maybe it’s a nice fold-down drying rack so you stop hanging clothes over your doors. Maybe you need a Bluetooth speaker to listen to your favorite tunes while sorting and folding. Adding the little things you love to the laundry room will help you identify with the space. This includes some of your favorite personal items, maybe your favorite painting or a plant that you love. The point is to make it yours. It may be a utilitarian space, but it’s your space.

For some great ideas on redoing your laundry room, check out our Pinterest board, For the Laundry Room, here –


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