Frequently Asked Questions

What time do I need to drop off?

Our locker stores and kiosks are accessible for drop off and pickup 24/7. We offer next day service Monday-Saturdays. We do not process orders on Sundays or major federal holidays.

Is the kiosk secure?

Yes, lockers can only be accessed with the last 4 digits of your phone number.

Where can I see my account?

You can login to our website ( or download our mobile app.

Why do I need to use specific bags?

Use orange bags for dry cleaning or special care garments and black bags for wash and fold so that we know how you want your garments processed.

Are all services offered at kiosks?

Everything that is offered at our retail store is offered at our kiosks with the exception of boots, rugs, wedding dresses, and alterations.

Where can I view my invoices?

Login to our website ( and select Orders to see your invoices for each order.

How can I update my card on file?

Login to our website ( and select Profile to update your credit card(s).

How can I update account details?

Login to our website ( and select Profile to update your name, email, or phone number. To adjust your cleaning preferences, select Preferences upon logging in.

Need additional assistance?

Contact Customer Care at