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Franchises, Best-in-class tools and services you will access as a CD One Price Cleaners franchise owner


Dry cleaning and laundry services are always needed. See how you can impact your community by opening a franchise.

Best-in-class tools and services you will access as a CD One Price Cleaners franchise owner:


Guidance on site selection, store layout and proper equipment selection

so your store can operate to CD One Price Cleaners standards of quality, service, efficiency and volume. Typically, our stores range from 2,800–3,200 square feet.

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A complete pre-opening training program

at our corporate training store, our corporate office and, as your grand opening nears, at your store location. You’ll be fully trained on operational procedures in a rigorous five-week course that balances classroom training and real-world experience in an operating store, focused on quality, efficiency, customer service strategies and techniques, and much more. This hands-on knowledge will equip you to lead and manage your team with maximum effectiveness. If you expect to be an owner/investor rather than an owner/operator, you’ll want to have a detailed understanding of the business in order to provide strong management guidance and leadership to your store team. We require all owner/investors to complete an intensive one-week franchise owners orientation to brief you on the business model and how we will interact with you and your team; your general manager will complete an intense five-week operational training course.

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A sophisticated store point-of-sale system

that is more than just a cash register for processing payments. It’s a robust system that notifies customers by email when their items are ready and automates key garment processing systems, including customer identification, item tagging, orderly item processing, racking and retrieval at pick up. Our point-of-sale system also collects key metrics on your store’s performance and generates a variety of operational reports—including customer experience scores—that help you manage and market your store as efficiently as possible. The system includes automated online customer feedback technology that allows you to hear the voice of the customer and use that voice to drive your business.

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Strong support of your marketing efforts

to help you promote your store in your local community, and attract and retain loyal customers. Plus, our franchise marketing fund, with ongoing contributions both from franchise and corporate stores, supports a strong Internet presence as well as targeted efforts that have included direct mail, postcard inserts, radio, television, social media and other aggressive marketing strategies—media that are often unaffordable to other independent dry cleaners.

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A comprehensive, confidential and continuously updated operations manual

that covers the key details of our proven process for managing a high-volume store, including workflow planning, inventory controls, standardized production procedures, equipment use and maintenance, new program rollouts, and much more.

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Select vendor lists and grouped buying power

that gets you preferred pricing on all equipment and the key supplies you need to run an efficient operation, from recyclable hangers to cleaning solutions and more.

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Store support by phone, email and onsite visits from a dedicated franchise support representative

to help you benchmark and monitor the growth of your business and keep your operations in top form.

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Ongoing training workshops and meetings

to introduce revised and new operating procedures designed to improve the quality of services you provide to your customers and to improve your overall operation.

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Franchise opportunities are available

There are more than 35 CD One Price Cleaners stores operating today, and we intend to grow that number by offering more dry cleaning franchise opportunities. We offer qualified prospects a dry cleaning franchise opportunity that’s competitive with many traditional franchise opportunities, but what’s most attractive is our innovative, one-price business model and the support we provide our dry cleaning franchise owners.

An industry that stills move forward

The dry cleaning business isn’t usually the first thing to come to mind for a person looking for a franchise opportunity. That’s not a surprise, until you consider the facts: Dry cleaning is a $9 billion-per-year industry, populated mostly by small, relatively unsophisticated independent operators. Because dry cleaning is a repetitive, ongoing need, this is a business with a consistent demand throughout the year.


What we’re looking for in a partner

  • Self-starter mentality
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Management experience
  • Comfort with technology and data
  • Discipline and dedication
  • Reflective of our core values

We’re extremely happy with our investment in CD One Price Cleaners.

The concept is unique and provides great value to the customer, which results in a solid return on investment for the franchisee. We were so satisfied with our investment in the first store that we recently acquired a second store.

Devang and Chaitali Kothari - Orland Park, IL


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Why we’re innovative and differentiated


Volume based

How? Volume. Because of our on-premise production, facility scale, processes and garment focus, our stores are equipped to dry clean and launder many more pieces than a traditional dry cleaning and laundry business. And we do it at equal or better quality levels with a one-price, same-day-service, value-driven offering that our customers love.


We don't pursue growth for growth's sake.

We are thoughtful about growth. We want good quality, growing, thriving stores, managed by franchise owners familiar with the communities they serve. We carefully select our franchise owners and provide comprehensive support to help them operate the CD One Price Cleaners model. We’re focusing our expansion plans on larger target markets that we believe can support multiple, strategically spaced locations as opposed to individual stores in smaller markets scattered around the country. We believe clustering our store growth helps build brand awareness faster and enables us to provide the most efficient and effective support to our franchise owners.


Franchise owners help ensure superior service.

Customer service is critical to our dry cleaning franchise model, and local ownership tends to deliver the best service. In our experience, the closer the owner is to the customer, the better the quality and service. So to us, expanding through independent franchises rather than company-owned stores is the best way to build our brand and grow. We are always exploring ways to improve on that service, particularly in the area of convenience—we want to make it as easy as possible for customers to choose CD One Price Cleaners.


Great people, great company.

A company is not a sign on the wall. It’s not a building, and it’s not a bunch of equipment. It’s a group of people. We know you can’t be a great company without great people who share common values and a drive to be the best. We strive to stay abreast of consumer trends and to deliver the services and convenience our customers have come to expect. Do you aspire to greatness in all you do? We try to do the same. Consider exploring the CD One dry cleaning franchise opportunity. You’ll fit right in.


It starts with friendly customer service

Have questions about our service, have a special request, or just want to say "Hi?" Our friendly, knowledgeable associates are happy to help you with your garment care needs. Each CD One Price location is locally owned and operated. That means you get state-of-the-art cleaning and expertise with a local business feel.


Inventory and Inspection


Attend a franchise discovery night.

We inventory, tag, and inspect your orders to make sure they get the proper care. From checking the pockets on your favorite suit to pre-spotting stains, we make sure that your items get the individual attention they deserve. And if for some reason we're not 100% sure we can process your items safely, we'll let you know so that you're not surprised.



All items are sorted to ensure proper cleaning. Whether sorting by garment type, garment color, or cleaning process, we make sure that your items get the care they need to come back to you clean and looking great.


Pressing and Finishing

At any point during our process, team members are watching for spots or areas requiring special attention. Garments that need a little extra help will be moved to the spotting station for stain removal by our specially trained production staff.



Once all the cleaning, pressing, and stain removal are complete, an inspector gives each individual garment a final check before sending it along for order assembly and bagging. Each garment goes through a standard inspection process to check the garment-specific problem areas to make sure all the tricky areas are taken care of.


Assembly and Bagging

Each individual item is reviewed as part of our final inventory check as orders are assembled and sent to bagging. Once we know that every garment in your order is accounted for, we will bag your items to keep them safe until you can pick them up.


Convenient pickup

We keep track of all completed orders in our system and send an e-mail alert when your items are ready. We'll do a final check of all your items when you pick up--and we'll even carry your order to your vehicle if you'd like.

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Open your new CD One Price Cleaners store!

Reach out to us and let us know you are interested and we'll provide you with more information.